To book a court download the Playtomic app. Further details and guidance on booking can be found below. Once you have completed your booking you will receive an access code for entrance. Lights are all automatic and everything else will be ready for you on arrival.

Looking for people to play with?

Tired of always playing with the same group or looking for a new challenge? Want to test yourself against new opponents before a tournament?

A great way to find playing partners, friends or people to train with is using the OPEN MATCH function in Playtomic.

How to set up an OPEN MATCH?

1. Click on ‘+create a new match’ when you open Home page in Playtomic

2. Choose an available date

3. Friendly match allows you to choose the level of your playing partners yourself

4. After paying your share the match becomes visible to other Playtomic users who can choose to join

5. The game only happens when 4 players join

6. Should you not get 4 players Playtomic will automatically refund your payment

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In Playtomic you can only book courts 7 days in advance. For all bookings further in the future or re-occuring bookings please contact us at